Weekly Once-Over (4.16.2015)


Check Your Investments: What we do here will have implications for generations to come.  Are we working to build that awe-inspiring, Christ-glorifying phenomenon in our own families, or are we too preoccupied investing in all of the stuff that doesn’t matter?  Today is the day to begin.

A Legacy With Leaving: The following is a letter my (Ray Ortlund's) dad wrote several years before his death, which he left in his desk, where he knew we would find it.

Faithfully Delivering The Gospel: Christians are to simply be minimum wage table servers, taking the masterpiece from the award winning chef and bringing it to the tables.

The Transgender Agenda: Rather, it might be sensible to recognise that the transgender agenda is causing us, among other things, to, as Brendan O’Neill puts it, experiment on our children in the most damaging way.

Two Wisdom's And The Good Life: Who among us is wise, living the good life of divine wisdom? Only those who God’s Spirit dwells within, those who have picked up their cross and sought to embody and proclaim its seemingly foolish message.

The No Feeling Zone: But the problem is we have been shamed into what I call “The No Feeling Zone”. In this zone, when singles express feelings about their hardship, and the desire for marriage, this automatically translates into them being discontent in their singleness, and idolizing marriage. We have cynically been shamed into a room in the corner where we are not allowed to express our struggles without being judged by those who are “content”.

photo credit: via photopin (license)