Weekly Once-Over (4.9.2015)

8 Thoughts To Encourage Your Kids In Schoolwork: As the school year begins I hope all of us – kids and adults alike – remember why we work. It is not to earn our salvation, security, or success. We work because God works. By working well wherever He has placed us, we can reflect His glorious image and worship Him.

How God Defines Success: From a worldly standpoint, they appeared to be failures. Yet, from God’s perspective, they were found faithful. They were true successes in His eyes – and ultimately, only His assessment matters.

Of Whom I Am The Foremost: Jesus goes around making enemies into friends, of himself and each other. He makes them family. How does this work? The gospel.

Do You Think It Happened, Or Not?: That’s what the Bible means when it says, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Rom. 10:9). It means that Jesus, the resurrected and reigning King, the One to whom God has granted all authority in heaven and on earth, has the right and authority to save people from their sin.

The Most Important Thing My Parents Did: Why? I ask the question from time-to-time. Why are all five of my parents’ kids following the Lord, while so many of our friends and their families are not?

In Her Shoes: A Christian Woman Who's Had An Abortion: I ask you today, as I’ve done before, to take a walk in another woman’s shoes: a Christian woman who’s had an abortion. I’ve asked her to share her story so we see the power of Christ’s redemption and so we’re ready and able to respond when someone we know and worship beside confesses an abortion.

What Is A Disciple? 6 Expert Views: After all, the early disciples were called Christians because they were learners, students, and apprentices of Christ. Thus, just as “being Canadian” is a part of the identity of a Canadian citizen, “being Christian” or “being a disciple” is an identity issue. But what exactly is a disciple? What sort of definition should we use to understand our identity?

6 Things Jesus Does With Sin: John the Baptist commands a beholding of the sin-taking-away Lamb. What do we see in this beholding? How exactly does Jesus take away our sin? Here are 6 things Jesus does with sin:


photo credit: Spider Tree via photopin (license)