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God writes Stories. He also Re-writes stories. He writes big and small stories. Here are some of our stories - smaller stories that make up God’s bigger story.



The Pascal Family Story

As Sasha says in this video, "I remember coming to Redeemer and experiencing this grace-based culture, and the light came on, thats what we need in Moldova. People need to experience the Gospel." At Redeemer, we like to say "Our culture matters as much as our doctrine." The Pascals have experienced this. They have felt what grace feels like. And now, they want Moldova to experience this too. As a church, we want to see Everyone, Everywhere Experience the Gospel. For some of us, this is helping our neighbors or co-workers experience the Gospel. For the Pascal's, its Moldova. Sending Sara, Sasha and little Adela to Moldova is bittersweet. Its bittersweet because Redeemer is a family. And its always hard to see family go. But for the Pascals, and for us as a church, its worth it. 

The Burgess Family Story

As the Burgess family anxiously awaited the arrival of their third daughter, they received news that their daughter had a life altering condition. In the midst of many difficulties, the Burgess family learned that God was in fact answering their prayers. They just didn't expect their prayers to be answered in this way. This video is a story about community and the significance it played in answering their prayers. 



Share your story

God is a Storywriter who intricately weaves our stories together to make up one bigger story. Share your story with us so we can brag about God. Whether it is a difficult time God is sustaining you through, a "small" victory you want to share with your church family, or a salvation story...please share your story with us so we can brag about God. 

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