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God writes Stories. He also Re-writes stories. He writes big and small stories. Here are some of our stories - smaller stories that make up God’s bigger story.




Beginning even with their pre-marital counseling sessions, God instilled in Boone and Annie Carlson a desire to adopt people into their family, just as they’d been adopted into His family.

Serving The City

When Royce lost his job as a carpenter, the Adams family struggled to pay the bills. One Christmas they were the recipients of a generous gift, and God created in them a desire and willingness to show the same grace to other families in need.

Serving The Church

Jonathan saw the importance of service by watching his dad, and in college Teagan began to understand her need for a savior through the witness of her friends. Through serving the church together in Redeemer Kids, they’ve gotten to see how God has served them through others and how He's using them today to build up the church.


Sasha and Sarah moved to Bellingham in a time of their life where they were open to living just about anyplace. When they visited Redeemer, they compared the church culture to what they had seen in Moldova, and God gave them a vision for what could happen when they return.

Suffering Together

The Burgesses had just started to celebrate their third pregnancy when the doctor came in with hard news about their unborn daughter. Throughout their life with her, God has used their church community to provide for their needs in the middle of trial, confusion, and pain.



Share your story

God is a Storywriter who intricately weaves our stories together to make up one bigger story. Share your story with us so we can brag about God. Whether it is a difficult time God is sustaining you through, a "small" victory you want to share with your church family, or a salvation story...please share your story with us so we can brag about God. 

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