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Jesus is our Senior Pastor
and it is Him that we serve with gladness

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The Team

The leadership team at Redeemer is here to make sure you are served well, whether it’s your first or five-hundredth time through our doors. We do that in a bunch of different ways, but we all love our church, our city, and the God who cares more for anyone than anyone ever could.


Rob Berreth


Vision, Leading, Preaching, Culture

I’m Rob. My wife Kati and I planted Redeemer in 2007 after helping plant churches in Seattle, WA and Boston, MA. I earned an MDiv from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Great experience that I still benefit from...and pay for ;) I have one wife, four kids, and get to serve an incredible church. I might be the "luckiest" man on earth. One fun fact: I love trail running, but my knees hate it. One Depressing fact: The only place in the Bible my name shows up is as a sin. Bummer. 

Email: rob@redeemernw.org

Ethan Potts


Congregational Care

I’m Ethan. I grew up in Whatcom County and have lived in the area my whole life and I love it! I have been a part of Redeemer Church even before the first official service in 2007.  I was the first non-staff elder/pastor installed in the church and I still love serving and being a part of this community. I love sports and enjoy quality time with family and friends.  I have been married to my beautiful wife Kelli since 2005 and we also have three wonderful children - Lucy, Madeline and Kenesa.

Email: ethanpotts@gmail.com

Pete Carlson


Community Life Pastor, Assimilation, Mobilization

I'm Pete. I got connected to Redeemer in 2010 when I was at WWU. I was a full-time Resident at Redeemer for a few years leading our college mission. Now I get to be a pastor at the church I love. My wife Rachel and I got Married in October of 2016. In my free time I like playing basketball, baseball, softball...pretty much any sport. Ice cream used to be a weakness of mine, but now it is a strength. Come introduce yourself on Sunday.  

Email: pete@redeemernw.org


Dane Burgess


Family Life Director, Congregational Care, Alderwood Elementary

I’m Dane. I am known around Redeemer as a social guy who is connected to everyone. I truly enjoy people and their stories. My wife Jahnel and I have three beautiful daughters. They are as social as we are. Our daughters love when people come over for dinner so they can show them their toys. I love to read, watch sports, play fantasy baseball, read…and, oh yeah, did I mention I love to read. 

Email: dane@redeemernw.org

Erin Dworzak

Community life coordinator / office manager

I’m Erin. My husband, Johannes and I helped plant Redeemer in 2007 before moving to Seattle in November 2010 with our daughter, Evy. After two years in Seattle and the addition of our son, Jonah, we moved to Boston pursuing a career opportunity and to help plant Redeemer Boston. This past fall, September 2018, we returned home to Bellingham excited to be back at Redeemer. In my free time you’ll most likely find me chasing the sun.

Email: erin@redeemernw.org

Ben Clifford

Students Director

Church Planting Resident, Redeemer Students. Sunday Coordinator

I’m Ben. I am a New Yorker at heart but I love being at Redeemer. I moved here for the church planting residency program, but am excited about the extra opportunities God is giving me here to be involved in Redeemer Students. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, playing basketball, and getting halfway through a good book.

Email: ben@redeemernw.org


Derek Schrock

worship director

I’m Derek. I’ve been attending Redeemer since July 2013 and have been involved with leading worship music for 15+ years. I grew up in Lynden, studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and came back to Bellingham to work at Faithlife Corporation. There, I met my wife Brittany (who also went to Moody Bible Institute) and we have a beautiful daughter, Elia. I love the Pacific Northwest and spend a lot of my free time hiking, mountain biking, or trail running.

Email: derek@redeemernw.org


Vanessa Culy


I'm Vanessa. I moved to Bellingham and became a part of the Redeemer family in 2009. My husband Chris and I met at Redeemer and got married in 2014. I'm a former fitness instructor and Athletic Trainer. Now I spend my days caring for our son Thomas. I enjoy watching sports, cooking, working out and eating, especially cheese. 

Email: vanessa@redeemernw.org

Anna Adent


I'm Anna. I moved to Bellingham to attend WWU in 2006, and have been serving as a deaconess at Redeemer since 2013. I met my husband, Brandon, by mooching a guest meal off of him on a sunny day at the Viking Commons. I really geek out on backpacking, rock climbing, disassembling electronics, and giving organization to just about anything (especially puzzles).

Email: anna@redeemernw.org


Chris Culy


I'm Chris. I started going to Redeemer shortly after I moved to Bellingham in 2012 to work at Faithlife as a software developer. I met my wife Vanessa at Redeemer where we eventually were married in November 2014. I enjoy serving our church family, music, woodworking, and spending time with family and friends.

Email: chris@chrisculy.com


Royce Adams


I’m Royce. I’ve been learning and growing at Redeemer since 2013. My wife and I have been married since 1999 and we have two sons that I, for now, can still beat at chess. I like fixing things, mountain bike riding, and spending time in the woods.


Theresa Adams


I’m Theresa. My family and I have been calling Redeemer home since 2013. My husband and I met long ago and have been married since 1999. We have two boys, Levi and Lukas, who keep us on our toes.

Some of my favorite things are walking around Lake Padden, laughing a little too loudly, reading, and roller skating (with or without my kids.)


Financial Advisory Team

Volunteer Board

A team of educated professionals. This team helps plan out and advise on the finances going in and out of Redeemer. The team includes (from left to right): Josh Hungerford, Jen de Ruyter, Shannon Vandekamp, Joel Stamm, and Ethan Potts (not pictured).