Volunteer Opportunities At Alderwood Elementary

In the past few months since Redeemer began partnering with Alderwood Elementary we have provided Christmas gifts, volunteered in classrooms, played at recess, helped in the cafeteria and volunteered with the after-school clubs. We are learning names and recognizing faces. We are being asked to do a bit more and trust is being built. 

Here is what one Redeemer volunteer said about their time at Alderwood:

“My time at Alderwood has been awesome! The staff is so welcoming and really loves having us there. It’s awesome to be there and have a teacher ask if you are from Redeemer and thank you for spending time at the school. What a great opportunity for a church to come alongside Bellingham school district staff and serve these kids. 

Each Wednesday I head outside to play with the kiddos. I honestly just thought I would help push some kiddos on the swings but I have been playing football and basketball with a group of boys. It’s so much fun!! There is one first grade boy that comes and finds me each time I’m there and asks me to play. These kids love having an adult that can just come and play with them. Making these connections with the kids playing sports outside has allowed opportunity for me to then come sit with them at lunch and get to know them more. 

I am really enjoying my time and through getting to know theses kids, some of their stories, and just spending 1.5 hours a week hanging out it has been such a blessing to me. What a great opportunity to serve our God by playing with these kids and serving our city!”

If you’ve been looking for a time to start serving at Alderwood might this be it? The school is looking for some after-school helpers for their Spring clubs. Volunteers for the clubs play an important part in helping the students to feel connected in a supportive community, and providing positive role-models, just by showing an interest in what the kids are doing and in who they are. 

Alderwood offers a huge selection of clubs (14 to be exact) ranging from Futsal to Coding! We hope you’ll take some time to browse over the different after school programs offered to see what appeals to you. All clubs will be running for 8 weeks starting on April 17th and the time commitment is just once per week. 

If this will be your first time serving with the after-school clubs or you’ve done it before you will be required to attend an orientation due to some changes the program is making. There are multiple dates available for the orientation in efforts to make it as convenient as possible. 

If volunteering is something you’d like to do, and you know what club you are interested in, or you have any questions please contact dane@redeemernw.org.


We will have one big Easter Service as a Church Family! If you can RSVP on this event it would really help us plan all the details and make the service all the more enjoyable for everyone.  

Redeemer’s Easter Service will be at 10am on April 16, at Bellingham High School. The address is 2020 Cornwall Ave in Bellingham. Spread the word. “Easter Invite Flyers” will be available for you to grab at Redeemer the weeks leading up to Easter. Feel free to grab a handful and invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and whoever else comes to mind. 

Here is what you can expect at our Easter Service:

  • Doors open at 9:30am (feel free to show up early and save seats)
  • Hot Coffee/Tea from Woods Coffee will be provided 
  • Childcare provided for 5 mo – 5 year olds
  • Easter Service will be in the Theater at BHS
  • A big band (potentially the biggest in Redeemer’s history)
  • A sermon that is all about Jesus 

In Revelation 21.5, Jesus is quoted saying, “I am making all things new.” That is our theme for Easter – “All Things New”. Our King is Risen, He really is. We are looking forward to celebrating this together. See you on Easter Sunday at Bellingham High School at 10am. 

As a reminder, Child care will be provided for 5mo-5 year olds. Please respond below with ages of your kids to help us plan for all the fun we are going to have in RK celebrating the resurrected King!

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Redeemer Students Launch Party

Join us as we gather for the launch of Redeemer Students! This event is for Middle School & High School students and our Redeemer Students’ ministry leaders. Fun and food will be provided. Come through and bring your friends—we would love to see you!


2624 Blackberry Ln. Bellingham Wa 98229 

Date & Time: 

Middle School Students (5-8 grade)

  • Wednesday, March 8th, 5:30-7:30 pm

High School Students (9-12 Grade)

  • Wednesday, March 8th, 7:30-9:30 pm

RSVP on the City (here) or by emailing me at ben@redeemernw.org


Ben Clifford | Redeemer Students Director


Stories From Alderwood Elementary

As you know, Redeemer has become a community partner with Alderwood Elementary. Alderwood is one of Bellingham’s 14 Elementary schools in the district. Alderwood is on the smaller side and is situated in the Birchwood neighborhood, close to the airport. Partnering with Alderwood isn’t just a short-term commitment. We are looking ahead over the years to come. Bit by Bit and day by day the students there start to recognize our faces. They will start responding to our smiles. They will begin to learn that Redeemer is there to stay!

We wanted to share about some different areas we are serving in the school:


 “Recently I had my first “shift” serving at Alderwood. I and a few others have signed up to volunteer in the cafeteria for about an hour and a half while the students eat lunch. During that time we put on a pair of gloves and help kids open milk containers, hand out napkins, and answer any questions they may have. If we arrive early, we even get to play with the kids on the playground before the bell rings! 

We also get to spend time at the Art Table which is where the older students can be once they’ve finished their lunch. We are just there to show an interest in what the kids are doing and in who they are. Truth be told they ignored me the first day I was there. Some would look up when I asked a question others wouldn’t even acknowledge that they heard me. According to the para-educator, Sarah, who runs the lunch room that isn’t surprising. These students have seen a ton of transition over the last year. In the cafeteria, alone, there have been seven previous lunchroom paras. None until Sarah have stayed all citing it “too much.”  

According to Sara she even has a difficult time finding subs, because many people find Alderwood “too hard.” So, you see these kids, and the staff, aren’t used to people sticking around. They think I’m just another face that won’t be returning. But, that is something that we, at Redeemer, are hoping to change for them in the weeks, months, and years ahead.  One milk carton and one art project at a time.” 

Builders Club

“I have served at the Builders Club after school program.  It has been a real blessing so far, and I have noticed the kids enjoying too.  The club is an after school program where the kids come get a snack, then go out to the playground for 15 mins and then we do Builders club where you build the “theme of the day” in Legos.  It has been eye-opening and fun to get to know some of the children in the club and also to ask questions about how life is like for them and to honestly just be a stable person that shows care for them.

The first time we went to Builders Club, and we were getting ready to leave. We felt like we had a great time but weren’t quite sure the impact we had. But as we were leaving some of the kids came over and said “ARE YOU COMING BACK NEXT WEEK!!??” and I said “SOMEONE IN OUR GC WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK” and then one of the girls chimed in “No, are YOU coming back next week…please please please?”  It just helped us understand that even when we think we may just be there being helpers, it makes an impact on these kids.” 

There are serving opportunities available at Alderwood either on an ongoing basis or a one-time Breakfast and Book event. If interested or you have any questions, please email Kelli Potts: kelliannpotts@yahoo.com

Women's Bible & Breakfast: Missional Moments

Join us at Redeemer Church as we gather together to study our Bible, grow in our knowledge of God, meet new women and strengthen our community. This is open to ladies of all ages! 
We will have breakfast together, time for conversation and prayer. 

"Missional Moments"

When: Saturday, February 4th, 2017
At: 9:30-11:30
Where: Redeemer Church
Cost: FREE, RSVP here
For more info email vanessa@redeemernw.org

For food purposes, please sign up here


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Spiritual Disciplines Survey

Our elders, deacons and staff want to serve Redeemer well. To help us determine how we can serve our church family well, we have put together very short survey that we would love for you to take. 

How can we help you grow?

First of all, this survey is anonymous. So please answer the questions honestly so the data is accurate. We are looking for answers that reflect the general pattern of your life. We recognize that this past week or month may not reflect what is “normal”. With that said, answer in a way that reflects what is most “normal” for you. Our hope is to get accurate responses so that we can be more helpful in resourcing our church, with the ultimate goal of us looking more like Jesus.

No matter what your answers to the survey are, rest in Jesus' accomplished work on your behalf.

Secondly, rest in Jesus. Through faith in Jesus, your identity and worth is in Jesus, not in how you respond to this survey.

The survey will take you no more then three minutes of your time. So please click the follow Spiritual Survey Link and get started.