Sunday Gatherings

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We are less than 7 days away from our next gathering. You are invited. So is your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your classmates. So is everyone you know.

Hope to see you Sunday at 9am or 11am.



What To Expect


A Friendly greeting

Friendly people will welcome you, help you find your way around, answer your questions, and make you feel like family. 



We have a safe and fun environment for your kids to hear the gospel in Redeemer Kids, which is offered for 5 month olds to 5th graders. We also have a nursing moms room attached to the sanctuary and live streamed audio next door in our Commons for family use. 


A Time of Music

We will sing a few songs before and after the sermon. You can sing along or simply listen to the lyrics, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

A Time of Prayer

God loves to hear from us. So we pray to Him. This will typically will be led by a preacher or musician a few different times during a Sunday gathering.


A Sermon from the Bible

The sermon preached each week will focus on a passage from the Bible to help us understand God better and what it looks like for us to follow Jesus. 


An Opportunity to Take Your Next Step

We want to help you take the next step which could be as simple as coming back next Sunday, visiting an upcoming "Welcome to Redeemer" Gathering, checking out a Gospel Community, meeting people from your neighborhood, or signing up to serve. We will try our very best to make sure that you know what options you have for your next step.