Weekly Once-Over (04.23.2015)

When Your Twenties Are Darker Than You Expected: Our twenties bring so many answers to that question — transition, failure, desperation, dependence, accusation, responsibility, moral failure, stagnation, unfulfillment. “Sting” isn’t sufficient. Our twenties can be a dark time.

Smartphone Addiction And Our Spiritual ADD: These are exciting times loaded with new potential. These are also anxious times requiring our most diligent reflection as we face perhaps the most challenging discipleship question of our generation. By the power of Christ, we will not be mastered by anything, even by phones that offer us many good benefits.

Talk Is Cheap: Our words cause a lot of pain and hurt because we're not hearing how the other person receives our words. That's one reason why James says we ought to be "slow to speak" (James 1:19). In your next conversation, be slow to speak and quick to consider how the other person might interpret what you have to say.

The Messy Christian Life: I believe there is some good and some bad in our seeing the Christian life as “messy.” The difference is why we are calling the Christian life messy.

15 Doctrines That Ought To Bring Comfort In Suffering: In what follows, I’d like to simply (and briefly) point out some of the many ways the main doctrines of the Christian faith provide a comfort to the believer in times of struggle, suffering, and pain.

8 Lies Christians Believe About Success: At some point in my life, Christianity had become a magic wand instead of a humble posture. Here are some lies we in the church often believe about success.