Meet The Deacons: Vanessa

This week, as part of our Meet The Deacons mini-series, we're talking with Vanessa.


How long have you been part of Redeemer, and how long have you been serving as a deacon?

Vanessa: 7 years at Redeemer. I’ve been a deacon for about 5 years. 

What was your understanding of the office before you starting serving in the capacity you are? Has that changed over time? If so, how?

V: My understanding of the office of a deacon has not changed much at all. Deacons are called to serve the practical needs of the church and the community. I’ve learned that the specific role of a deacon does look different from church to church. 

What do you like about being a deacon? Is there anything you find particularly rewarding or challenging?

V: I like being able to help where there is a need. I may not be passionate about everything that I do for the church but I am passionate about serving Jesus and the local church.

It’s challenging coordinating volunteers and the rewarding part is seeing how God does provide for a way to accomplish our goal even if we don’t have all the volunteers we need.

It’s also really rewarding to hear stories of evidences of grace from people at Redeemer. 

What’s the most common question you are asked about being a deacon, and how do you respond?

V: So you don’t work for the church? No, it’s all volunteer, though I did get paid to cover for a few staff over the summer.