Meet The Deacons

This week's post by Brandon Adent, a deacon at Redeemer Church. He loves words, music, and words about music.

Before I became a deacon, I had no idea what one even was. The few places in the bible I saw them addressed had more to do with how one qualified for office than what they actually did, a question I still struggle with at times, if I’m honest.

The office of Deacon has service at it’s core, and tends to the tangible needs of the church they serve. Those needs differ from church to church, so the office of Deacon can be - and is - expressed differently between churches.

At Redeemer, the deacons all have their areas of gifting and service, but really, we all make ourselves available, wherever the need is. We want to serve Jesus well, to care for His people, and to help people serve in ways that are consistent with their gifting.

So, over the course of the next couple months, we’ll be peppering our normal blog with short a little bit of question and answer with some current deacons at Redeemer. This will hopefully give us all a chance to at least know who our deacons are, what they do, and why they do it.

Stay tuned to hear from Vanessa later this week!