Spiritual Disciplines Survey

Our elders, deacons and staff want to serve Redeemer well. To help us determine how we can serve our church family well, we have put together very short survey that we would love for you to take. 

How can we help you grow?

First of all, this survey is anonymous. So please answer the questions honestly so the data is accurate. We are looking for answers that reflect the general pattern of your life. We recognize that this past week or month may not reflect what is “normal”. With that said, answer in a way that reflects what is most “normal” for you. Our hope is to get accurate responses so that we can be more helpful in resourcing our church, with the ultimate goal of us looking more like Jesus.

No matter what your answers to the survey are, rest in Jesus' accomplished work on your behalf.

Secondly, rest in Jesus. Through faith in Jesus, your identity and worth is in Jesus, not in how you respond to this survey.

The survey will take you no more then three minutes of your time. So please click the follow Spiritual Survey Link and get started.