Weekly Once-Over (11.7.2013)


Weekly Once-Over (11.7.2013): 

PhoneStack: Next Time We Meet, Let's Do This: "Of course, this might not work for every gathering (Kempt got a boatload of negative responses and exceptions), but I do love the intentionality of a group of people acknowledging the challenges of smartphones and choosing to do something together to enrich their time." Here is a fun game to play the next time your out with friends.

Elected Homecoming Queen: An Exceptional Story:  "Molly Anne Dutton shouldn't be here today. Not according to the opinion polls. Even many pro-life Christians make an exception that would have snuffed out her life." This is a great post about hope and encouragement for pro-life.

Men, here is How to Plan Fall Traditions:  "Gentlemen, it is time to start thinking about and planning this season. Think about some of your favorite childhood memories. Chances are they involved two big things: repetition and your senses." Gentlemen, the words "I don't care" should not be words in your vocabulary. Here are some practical ways husbands can plan traditions for their families.

Driven vs. Called:  "The pressures of church planting can shift the defining reality of our hearts from following God's call to being driven by our own merits. Here are a few practical ways to check the motives of your ministry."

Is All Sin Equal in God's Eyes:  "A reader of this site recently asked me this question: Is all sin equal in God’s eyes? It is a common question and the answer is of the variety that is always a little bit unsatisfying: It is one of those “yes and no” answers." Let the blog post explain.

Top Ten Myths About Giving:  "...in the spirit of Mythbusters, I have used bad science to compile this top ten list.  Gallup can spend their energy accurately polling the populace to determine ranking.  I will continue to eschew proper sample sizes in favor of personal conjecture. But regardless, I’m fairly confident that you have fallen prey to at least one of these myths about giving, so read on."

18 Thing I Will Not Regret Doing with My Kids:  "Like most parents, I have those moments where guilt and regret comes over me like a wave. I consider then how much of my parenting time has already passed by and how little remains. My oldest child, my son, is thirteen. He is already a teenager, just one year away from high school, just eight years from the age I was when I left home to get married. My girls are following close behind him. When that wave rises up, when I feel like I could drown beneath all that regret, I sometimes consider those things I will never regret. Here are 18 things I know I will not regret doing with my kids."


"Evangelism is as much about listening as it is about speaking." - Steve Timmis 


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