Weekly Once-Over (10.24.2013)


Weekly Once-Over (10.24.2013): 

The Wisdom Of Walking Away from Some Friendships: "Recently I’ve been giving a lecture about how we will become like the people we hang out with. It’s true. In five years, you’ll become a conglomerate of the people you spend the most time with." Wise, discerning blog post by Donald Miller about times when you should walk away from friendships.

What the Church Can Learn from Chick-fil-a: "The church doesn’t need Chick-fil-A. We don’t need successful Christian businesses, athletes, films, and reality shows for the advance of the gospel. The tip of the spear is the local church. But when we can glean a few pointers from another body reading our Book, we might as well take notice." 

From Strangers to Missionaries: NextDoor Neighborhood Strategy: "In our world today, pathways into people’s lives have changed. In times past, permission was given to enter through their front door (literally). People were much more accessible and approachable. Neighbors felt like neighbors. Now neighbors are more like strangers than ever before." Tim Brister gives us a great strategy to getting to know our neighbors.

I Hope I Die Before I Get Old:  "It was during a frustrating car ride home one day. Circumstances in their lives led them in that car ride to through tears and faith say to the Lord, “Whatever you want, whatever will magnify you, that’s what we want.” Richard had his seizure that led to his diagnosis a few days later." Sobering Blog post about death and the pursuit of Christ now.

The Perfect Church:  "For the last ten years I’ve been on the search for the perfect church. I’ve been to mega-churches, house-churches, school-churches and slum-churches in America and Africa and Mexico…looking and searching and hoping that one day I’d find the long-lost church of my dreams: the perfect church. The music would be perfect, the chairs would be perfect, the sermon would be perfect, and the people would be perfect." Great blog post from a dear friend of mine Kyle Rogers talking about the imperfect church pursuing the perfect Savior.

Interview with Nagmeh Abedini, Wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini (VIDEO BELOW): "POWERFUL interview and testimony about Pastor Saeed who has been imprisoned in Iran for his faith. This is conducted by Oak Hill Church in Humboldt, IA. The pastor, Doug Wolter, is a good friend from college."

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