What Is The 242:

We are a Movement of College Students in Bellingham Washington Learning to Follow Jesus.


A Movement of Disciple-Making Disciples


Make Disciples that Make Disciples


  • Biblical Teaching
  • Gospel Centered
  • Spirit-Filled
  • Robust Local Church Connectivity with Redeemer Church
  • Life-on-Life Discipleship 
  • Developing Christians to be 1) Leaders of Self and 2) Leaders of Others




Q: Does THE 242 meet on campus?

A: Yes, THE 242 gets together on Tuesday nights at 7PM in Viking Union 565. 


Q: Why is THE 242, as a college ministry, so focused on getting students connected with a local church?

A: We want to make, mature and multiply disciples of Jesus who will be disciples of Jesus beyond their college years. We believe that being introduced to the importance of the local church will serve students well with regard to life-long establishment in the faith in their pursuit to look more like Jesus. 


Q: Do you have small groups?

A: Yes, we have Discipleship Groups. We call them “DGs”. DGs are gender-specific groups of 4-6 people whose common goal is to look more like Jesus. In DGs we want to grow as worshippers (upward), as family (inward), as ambassadors (outward) and as disciples (forward). 


Q: What are some things that are really important to THE 242?

A: We want to be mastered by the Bible, as the Bible is simply God telling us about himself. 


Q: You talk about the gospel quite a bit, what is the gospel?

A: The gospel is the good news that God saves sinners like you and me. We say that it is OK to Not Be OK because we can never be “OK” enough to get to God. Jesus was not just “OK”, but perfect. Jesus lived the life we couldn’t live. Jesus died the death we deserve. And since Jesus has taken the punishment that we deserve, it is “OK to Not Be OK”. This doesn’t mean that sin is “safe”, but it does mean that we have been saved from the punishment we deserve because of our sin. Through the gospel, we can know God. 


Q: What should I expect at THE 242 on a Tuesday night?

A:  It is OK to Not be OK. We don’t want to simply talk about this, we want to experience this freedom that God offers through the gospel. We have a pretty laid-back, informal atmosphere. Here is what you can expect:

    1. Community: We talk with each other. Whether it is new or new people, acquaintances, or good friend…we like to spend time “getting to know the family"

    2. Singing: There is a band that will lead us in singing songs to God

    3. Bible: You can expect a 30-40 minute sermon that is biblical and helpful


Q: Does THE 242 offer rides from WWU to Redeemer?

A: Yes we do! We are offering rides every Sunday morning from the Nash Hall round-a-bout (North Campus) at 8:40am and 10:40am. Services at Redeemer begin at 9am and 11am. 


Q: Are their leadership opportunities within THE 242?

A: Yes, we believe that every Christian is called to be at least a leader of self and a leader of others. For some students this could mean taking our “Emerging Leader” process and becoming a DG leader, becoming a part-time or applying for our full-time internship. 


Q: How can I stay in touch with THE 242?

A: “Liking” our Facebook page is the best way to stay up-to-date as we will be posting updates, events, information, encouragement, etc.