Churches Planting Churches

We aren't passionate about church planting. We’re passionate about Jesus. And, one of the best ways to express that passion is to plant more and more churches that plant more and more churches that are passionate about Jesus. We want to see people meet Jesus. So, we plant churches. We want to see people who know Jesus love and look like Him more. So, we plant churches. Church planting is an effective tool for evangelism and one of the most helpful practices for making disciples. 

From the very beginning Redeemer has invested money, time, prayer, energy, people and just about everything (and anything) else towards church planting. Here are a few ways we engage in planting: 

  • Hundred of hours of coaching for planters in places like Oregon, Kansas, New Zealand, India, and more
  • Helping other churches launch their own leadership development and church planting residency programs
  • Sending our own people to launch churches
  • Investing a minimum of 20% of all money given towards church planting
  • Our lead pastor serves on the board with Acts29 working to develop and apply assessment standards and replicate church planting residencies throughout the network
  • Praying for planters, churches, and open doors

Our vision is to see thriving, multiplying, Jesus-loving, Gospel preaching, constantly-praying, culture-engaging, rapidly-multiplying churches in every megaregion in the US and major cities throughout the world. To serve this vision we are heavily invested in ledership development and pastoral and church planting residencies. The entire church is structured to function like a teaching hospital so that more people can be trained and deployed to serve locally and globally. For more info on the different opportunities to pursue this potential calling please email us for more info at