Weekly Once-Over (5.30.13)

Goal for Weekly Once-Over Weekly Once-Over is our weekly recap of some great blog posts that we have seen this past week that have been helpful and our hope is that they would benefit you in someway. So every Thursday of each week you will see a post that has links to different blog posts. Enjoy!

Weekly Once-Over (5.30.13)

How Dark Days Taught a Daddy to Pray - This post is worth the time to read.

Doubt Your Doubts - "My generation talks a lot about doubt. It seems hip and cool to be indifferent to everything and everyone. We shrug off people and plans as quickly as we shove off old technology or dated politics. We're a generation of Thomases, doubting at every turn..."

4 Ways the Gospel Heals the Sting of Rejection - This blog posts title is self explanatory.

 Two Ways to Identify Leaders - "In this series of posts, I am going to unpack the strategy and structure of leadership development we have implemented at The Austin Stone for missional communities..." (Gospel Community Leader Helps)

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