Weekly Once-Over (04.30.2015)

Making Disciples In The Everyday Stuff Of Life: Here’s the reality; all of us are always making disciples. The questions are: Who or what are we making disciples of? And what would people believe about following Jesus if they were to follow our example in everyday life?

Gospel, Community, Mission & Summer: In my experience, there are a few things that will help a community thrive in a season where many fade away. Here are three ideas to consider implementing.

How Can I Get Better At Evangelism: How can I get better at evangelism? As a pastor I love this question. It comes from a heart that understands the priority of the great commission while also feeling the conviction for unfaithfulness to it. When I think through evangelism and the privileged responsibility to boast in Christ, there are two primary areas that I have had success focusing on...

Reflections From The Supreme Court Sidewalk: Let’s stand with the ancient truth of God’s word—about marriage and sexuality and everything else. And let’s stand with the truth of God’s word—that Jesus delights in saving sinners, any sinners who will come. Let’s speak that gospel to the men in the dresses and to the men with the megaphones, and everyone in between.

The Mean Muggin' Christians: And if you ever find yourself struggling to be Christ-like in this way, consider this: if Jesus had the “No New Friend” mentality, we Gentiles would all be doomed in our sin. Who can you be gracious to in this way this week?

No, Hanging Out With Your Friends Is Not The Church: Here are five ways these gatherings of friends fail short of what it means to be the church.