Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday-Experience The Gospel

Two Weeks ago we laid out the vision that we see for Redeemer Church and the call to invite everyone into this great reality. Below is the tag line we laid out that Sunday and also a short description as to what it means. 

Three-E Tag Line: Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday-Experience The Gospel

The Gospel Makes Gospel People So Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday Can Experience That The Gospel Saves And Keeps Saving.

What The Tagline Means:

  • Everyone: Christian and Non Christian
  • Everywhere: Everywhere, here and to the ends of the earth
  • Everyday: Constant exposure
  • Experiencing The Gospel: Deep implications and effects...breadth and dept

To help you remember this tag line that we as a church feel compelled to be a part of we created smartphone wallpaper so that you can put the tag line on your smart phone and have it present with you where ever you may go. We encourage you to memorize it and think through how this tag line practically can play out in your own life. 

Three-E Tag Line Smartphone Wallpaper (For Android/Apple)