Why Church Planting Is the Primary Plan of the New Testament

Here is a helpful Blog post on Why Church Planting the primary plan of the NT by J.A. Medders:

The planting of gospel-centered churches, filled with gospel-centered people who live as grace-leaking, missional monsters as lights in the darkness, inviting the dead to come alive in Jesus Christ and to dwell in the Kingdom of God—that is the hope of your city and mine.

Our cities don’t need more shows. The movie theaters, stadiums, and Redboxes have that covered. Our cities don’t need the planting of services, but they need the missional going of Christians, our disciple-making, our witnessing—that’s church planting.

We have the power of God that makes demons shudder, that sets captives free, that can save a thief on the cross, that can comfort a prostitute, that can redeem a drunk, that can restore a religious hypocrite—that can fulfill all that we are looking for, made for—that power, that word, that name, that person is Jesus.

That is the number one missional strategy of the New Testament. Nothing has changed since Acts 28. We cannot improve upon what Dr. Luke has chronicled. And for us to put more weight behind any other strategy might be the most idiotic thing we could do. This strategy is old, normal, and completely supernatural.

And maybe, just maybe one day we’ll hear, “There is much joy in that city” (Acts 8:8).

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Blog Post by J.A. Medders, the Lead Pastor of Redeemer Church in Tomball, TX, a part of the Acts 29 network. You can find more of Jeff's writings on his blog at www.jamedders.com. And you can find him on Twitter: @mrmedders. Find out more on Jeff's new book, Gospel Formed, www.gospelformed.com.


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