Weekly Once-Over (09.26.2013)

Goal for Weekly Once-Over

Weekly Once-Over is our weekly recap of some great blog posts that we've seen this past week that have been helpful. Our hope is that they would benefit you in someway. Each Thursday of every week you will see a post that has links to different blog posts. Enjoy!

Weekly Once-Over (09.26.13):

One of Our Favorite Series on Manhood: Matt Chandler did a Men's Bible Study back in 2008 at the Village Church titled The Image & Glory of God. We thought it's a great series on manhood so we wanted to repost it here as a resource. 

A Prayer for a Fresh Stirring and Filling of the Holy Spirit:  Everyone should read this blog post. Scotty Smith writes a wonderful prayer for our souls to catch a fresh stirring and filling of the Holy Spirit.

Implementing Discipleship Groups within your Gospel Communities: Most small groups have a regular gathering where they study the bible, fellowship, and pray.  As a leader wanting to implement LTGs, this is a great place to start!  Rather than immediately breaking people up into twos and threes, however, I think it is critically important to model what you want to see happen for the whole group...

What to Do With "Some People Are Saying...": The pastor (Or any Christian for that matter) must not tolerate gossip. When he hears it, he ought to stop it and check it. When he hears of it, he ought to intervene and check it. Gossip often is disguised as concern. Some concern isn’t gossip, but a lot is. Gossip is when we say things about someone we won’t say to them. If you have a concern about someone that you aren’t wiling to take to them, it should be forgiven or forgotten. Any serious concern—about sin, about error, about immodest associations—ought to be brought to the person for discussion.

Social Media in Real Life: Look at the picture below. Funny but true...