Weekly Once-Over (11.14.2013)


Weekly Once-Over (11.14.2013):

3 Ways Christ Can Be Outside Your Church: "Yet here's the great irony: For all its fine reputation, Jesus was standing outside the door of this dazzling church, knocking (Rev. 3:20). To me, this is one of the most extraordinary pictures in the Bible. Christ outside his own church! Jesus knocking on his own people's door! I know this text is often used to invite unbelievers to open their hearts to Christ. And that's fine. But the first application is not to unbelievers, but to the church."

Did the Devil Make Me Do It?: "Sin isn't evidence of demonic strongholds in our lives; it is simply disobedience that is inconsistent with our salvation in Christ. We don't need an advanced degree in demonology in order to be obedient; we don't need exorcisms or deliverances."

A Mommy's To-Do List: "We live in a culture that celebrates productivity and efficiency. We like to see results. We like to get things done. We like when we accomplish something big. It makes us feel important. At least it does for me. But here is something I’ve learned in my first year as a mommy."

6 Actions For Younger Women: "Younger women are critically important in the church. Not only do they have much to contribute as they serve and lead as deacons and ministry volunteers, but those who are mothers help shape the next generation of children who we pray will love Jesus. Paul give Titus six characteristics of a godly younger woman."

5 Actions For Younger Men: "Everything here should be viewed through the lens of Jesus and his redemptive work in reconciling all things to himself. The principles of how to be a godly man can be lived out in a million different ways, but it must be in Christ."

4 Actions For Older Men: "For older men, the evidence of the gospel changing us from the inside out exhibits itself in these behaviors. Paul says in Galatians 5:13-15, the outcome of obeying Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit is summed up by how we love our neighbor. We know we're maturing in Christ if the gospel takes root in us and works itself out in our life and relationships."

Three Vital Questions to Consider Before You Decided to Get Married: "As I've thought about the issue while talking with friends, considering my own marriage, and searching through the Scriptures, I've concluded there isn't any quick, easy answer. Instead, I want to simply put forward three questions, and a couple of caveats, to help singles and couples navigate the dating and marriage decision."

How To Be A Man At Home: "Having been married for 19 years and being the father of four kids, I have learned a lot about what it means to be a man at home.  Here are five simple but effective things that I strive to live out every day."

Osteen Keeps Using God's Band-Width: "To the surprise of no one, Joel Osteen is on the cover of another magazine and the author of another book. The life-coach with a million dollar smile continues to be widely popular. To be clear: I am not against life-coaches or good smiles. I even have a personal soft-spot for a mullet and a well fitting suit. However, what I am against is a guy who continues to use Jesus’ bandwidth to broadcast his message."


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