Devoted: The Good News of Spiritual Disciplines

God is Grace. Grace isn't just what He gives but Who He is. 

Spiritual Disciplines are one of God’s means of grace. One of the primary ways He lets us experience more of Who He is.

But discipline can be a funny word when connected to grace. Often when we think of “discipline” we think; effort, work, labor, obedience. All that is true in it’s own way. But spiritual disciplines are different. Spiritual disciplines are not the things we do to get more of God’s approval or love. Spiritual disciplines are not what we do to earn His grace. Spiritual disciplines are the things we do to get more of the God who is grace. Or perhaps more accurately, for the God Who is Grace to get more of us.

Spiritual disciplines like Bible, prayer, community, serving, fasting, worship; are all ways God gives Himself to us. To show us what He is like. The regular practice of Gospel-fueled grace-driven spiritual disciplines also shapes us to become more like Him. As we see Him better we begin to look like Him more. 

Come let’s learn together the good news of spiritual disciplines.