Church Planter And Pastoral Residency

The Church Planter/Pastor residency has been reverse engineered from the Acts 29 application and assessment process. We began by asking the question of what an Acts 29 approved church planter “looks like” and then worked backwards to create a training regimen that builds that type of planter. Additionally, we integrated many of the requirements of a standard Master of Divinity degree via content, personal development, practical testing and other learning opportunities. We integrated theological, missional, and gospel-centered content as part of an overall system for leadership development in an effort to create an easily scalable program that can be replicated within the context of a local church.

This program is built on an approach to church planting that includes preparation but also incorporates many other aspects essential for the health of the planter and the newly birthed church. Fundamentally, we approach developing planters by preparing them, providing for them, serving them as venture catalysts, and helping them discern the strategic location God is calling them to plant. Each aspect is important and all work together in such a way, not only to train a planter, but also to walk with that planter through the multiplication of many churches.

The workload for the Church Planter/Pastor Residency is estimated to be 12-20 hours per week depending on the individual. The majority of the workload consists of personal study and writing, cohort meetings, and hands on participation in the local church. 

Residents will meet weekly in their cohort to learn and discuss course materials with their cohort coach through Socratic discussion and their personal discipleship plan (PDP). In addition, residents will be active in the life of the local church community in various forms of participation and service for as much hands on training and testing as possible. We do this to provide multi-faceted training that prepares residents theologically, personally, practically, and experientially. Lastly, major focus is given to character formation and it is the expectation and goal of this residency that candidates would have a good sense of their own personal idols and how the Gospel applies to them and supplants them. We expect sin to be confessed and confronted. We expect this to be painful at times but ultimately helpful for both the resident, their family, and their church.

Who’s It For?

This residency is designed with the planter and pastor in mind. Men considering a call to church planting are highly encouraged to participate as part of the residency is desired to determine calling and gifting. Men already sure of their call are encouraging to participate as well. Those desiring to be equipped and serve as a pastor, but not a church planter, will be required to understand and embrace church multiplication but will also receive a customized track to accommodate identified areas of focus such as Biblical Living, Worship, Executive, etc. For more information on the Church Planting | Pastor Residency please email us at