What is a Gospel Community?

People often (and rightly) wonder, “is there any real difference between a Bible study or small group and a Gospel Community?” Though Gospel Communities study the Bible and gather regularly, a Gospel Community (GC) is quite different from a small group or a Bible Study. To put it simply, a GC is a collection of regular people growing as disciples while making disciples.

Gospel Communities are a vital part of Redeemer Church. They are one of the primary places for community, discipleship, mission and worship.

At the end of the day we have two big goals for GC’s:

  • People that love Jesus love Him more
  • People that don’t love Jesus begin to love Him

Briefly, Gospel Communities at Redeemer:

  • Gather as a family regularly
  • Gather weekly in discipleship groups
  • Live intentionally as missionaries
  • Help one another and others worship Jesus

The Foundation of Gospel Communities

The gospel has restored us to God and made us His sons and daughters, heirs to God and fellow heirs with Christ. Through the work of Jesus in the gospel, we get to be devoted to one another as family because Jesus devoted Himself to us. As a family of people saved by Jesus, Jesus now sends us on mission, just as Jesus was sent by the Father. Gospel communities are built on the truth of the gospel that saves and restores people to God and brings them into His family as group of people commissioned by King Jesus to go into the entire world and make disciples of all nations—starting right in our own city and neighborhoods as GCs on mission for Jesus.