Giving at Redeemer Church

Everyone is a worshiper. All of life is worship (1 Cor. 10:31). The question is not will we bow down to something but what will we bow down to? We believe that Jesus is worthy of our entire lives. God designed us to enjoy Him as we worship Him through His Son. Instead of turning good things into god things, which make them bad things, we strive to worship Jesus and enjoy all of life out of a posture of worship to Him. This posture of worship means that we don't have a tight grip on our money. It is God's money, and we are stewards of His money. Part of that stewardship means giving back to Him. We do not give sacrificially of our finances in order to earn God's love, we simply respond to the way he has already loved us. Ultimately, only the grace of God can continually captivate our hearts and lead us to worship Jesus with our finances. All of life flows out  upward worship to Jesus. 

Ways to give

       1. Giving online: 

You can give securely online here: Redeemer Church Giving

        2. Giving by mail: 

           To give by mail, make checks payable to “Redeemer Church” and send to:

           Redeemer Church
           P.O. Box 2775 Bellingham WA. 98227

        3. Give on Sunday Mornings: 

Every Sunday morning you can give of your tithes and offerings following the sermon as you respond to Jesus and participate in worship. We have two black boxes hanging on the wall in the back of the sanctuary. Feel free to put your offering in there.