Going into your community with your Gospel Community

The following Blog post is by Kati Berreth The call for your GC to be missional:

A few weeks ago I laid out a call for us to make this a summer of missional intentionality. And as summer is quickly approaching with Western finishing in a week, many of the public schools only a few days after, and the sun making an appearance daily it is time to think and pray about how you will use your summer to make disciples of all nations.

A great way to do this is by inviting your GC to be on mission this summer. Although during the summer many people travel and attendance can be a struggle for having a critical mass in your living room, this is a great opportunity to join a tradition/celebration that is already established in your community and get to know you neighbors and the people that live in your city.

Think about when you go to a coffee shop or a restaurant regularly. If you are intentional with these visits and friendly, then I am sure that you at least know your servers names and have maybe even chitchatted. Well, this is the same for attending an event in Bellingham, Lynden, or Ferndale regularly. You will get to know people, and even better, you will be doing it with other people in your GC that can make this type of relationship forming even easier.

Along with getting to meet new people who need to hear the Good News of the Gospel, this would also be a great time to invite those in your sphere of influence into community. Why not invite your co-worker to join your GC in playing ultimate Frisbee once a week since you know he loves to play but hasn’t found a team to play on. And while you invite him, pray that his eyes and heart would be open to hearing the Gospel and that you would be prepared to share it.  I promise that God will use your faithful attempts, whether well articulated or not, for your good and His Glory through the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Places for your GC to be missional:

So now all you need to do is find a place to regularly attend this summer. Although you might be tempted to stay in your backyard with the safety of a fence and a gas grill, I challenge you to find an event that is being put on in your city. There are lots of different events throughout Whatcom County and many are even free! Below is a partial list just to get you started.

Monday nights 6.3-7.15 first race starts at 6 pm  - All Comers track meets - $

Tuesday nights 6 pm – All Paces Run/Walk with Fairhaven Runners – free (other runs throughout the week as well) http://fairhavenrunners.com/weekly-drop-in-runs-and-walks/

Wednesday afternoons 12-5 pm – Fairhaven Farmers Market – free unless you buy stuff http://bellinghamfarmers.org/Wednesday-Market/215.aspx

Thursday nights starting 6.27 from 6-8 pm – Elizabeth Park Concert Series – free http://www.cob.org/services/recreation/activities/concerts-in-the-park.aspx

Saturday nights starting 6.22 when it gets dark – Fairhaven Outdoor Movies - $

Hope this gives you some ideas to help your GC engage your community and have some fun this summer as you seek to be missionally intentional with your time!

photo credit: ecstaticist via photopin cc