Meet The Deacons: Dane

This week, we get to hear from Dane, to hear a little bit about his heart for the church.

How long have you been part of Redeemer, and how long have you been serving as a deacon?

My wife and I have been a part of Redeemer Church for almost ten years; we came to Redeemer just a few months after Redeemer first started doing public services. About eight years ago I felt intrigued about what a deacon is within the local church. I began to research the qualifications of a deacon within 1 Timothy 3 and realized that Redeemer would greatly benefit having deacons within the church, caring for the church's needs. So I reached out to the elders of Redeemer, entered a process and became a deacon I believe seven years ago. 

What was your understanding of the office before you starting serving in the capacity you are? Has that changed over time? If so, how?

I thought that deacons specifically only did mercy ministry work within the church, as you can see happen within Acts 6. Now there is some debate if these seven qualified men were deacons or not within Acts 6. I am not going to try and convince why I believe these men were the first deacons of the 1st-century church, but I saw an excellent example of particular people set aside to care for the practical needs of a local church body. I don't think my view has necessarily changed; I have always seen deacons having the duty to care for the practical needs of the church but what has changed is I think that serving practical needs includes much more than just mercy ministry. There are so many needs that arise within a local church, and the deacons have the privilege and joy to serve those needs to care for the community. 

What do you like about being a deacon? Is there anything you find particularly rewarding or challenging?

I love getting to meet a lot of the different people that are a part of Redeemer Church. It is amazing, from a deacon's perspective to see all the different, unique people that God gathers around the gospel. It amazes me to see all walks of life gather together and become family members all because of what God has done, and He continues to do through the gospel.