The Light Has Come

Northern Hemispherians may have noticed that it's been awful cold and dark as of late. Some of us even enjoy it, twisted beings that we are.

Anyway, that's because Tuesday was the winter solstice, the day that the north pole is tilted furthest away from the sun, resulting in shorter days and longer nights. And now, we get to celebrate the days getting longer.

Long celebrated in a variety of forms, the season of the solstice brought feasting, dancing, and general merriment to the people of the north. Ecstatic for the return of the sun, they partied hard as they looked forward to the warmth it brought, for the spring sowing season to arrive, and for the eventual harvest. Sound familiar?

It's debatable whether Jesus was actually born around the winter solstice, but it is a fitting time to celebrate His coming. For when the world was dark and the night seemed forever, the Light of the world, the Son of God, came to His creation to bring new life to all who would trust in Him.

Whether or not the world prefers the light to the dark is another matter. But these short cold days remind us that light is what we, and this world, desperately need.


This week's post by Brandon Adent, a deacon at Redeemer Church. He likes music, words, and words about music.