Weekly Once-Over (4.3.2014)

Why We Obey: When I was a new Christian, I learned that I owed the Lord obedience in every sphere of life. Yet I was a bit muddled as to why I obeyed. If asked to explain, I answered three ways, which we can call the way of wisdom, the way of trust, and the way of gratitude.

The Atonement In The Passover: Over the course of the next couple of months, we're running a series of blog posts on the atonement. A number of thought-leaders on the subject will share a bit from their studies on the scarlet thread that runs through the entirety of the Scriptures...

Four Things To Teach Your Children This Easter: Will you join me in trying to turn the blooming opportunities of this season into a way to teach our children more about Jesus? Let’s think toward making the most of this spring to show our kids all that they have because of Christ. Here are four key things to teach our children this Easter.

Dear Son: Your Dad Is Messed Up: Read this father's letter he wrote to his unborn son explaining the reality of his forever changing heart.

My Shelves Are Full Of Mentors: We live in a day where there is greater access to Christian resources than ever before. Long gone are the days where monks would hand copy a single book that was reserved for the wealthiest landowner in the county. Websites will deliver books at low cost right to your door. You can immediately download sermons from preachers across the globe, and seminaries have made excellent content freely available online. If you have been struggling with finding a mentor, let me give you three suggestions

7 Biblical Tests For Christians And Music: While it may be difficult, I do believe it's possible to evaluate musical preferences using God's word. The following seven tests each relate to biblical principles that we can apply to our music to determine its suitability.

What About Life Insurance?: In short, we do have insurance—more than some, less than others. We want to be responsible, yet leave plenty of room for God. We also want to be able to use the money for God’s kingdom that would otherwise go to pay additional premiums. I’m not trying to set a standard for others to follow. Everyone must measure his or her own situation and convictions, following Christ’s lead as best they can discern it.

Is Church Membership Really Required?: Leaving the church is not simply leaving a club. When you walk away, you dismember yourself from the body. Jesus and the rest of the body sorely miss you, and bleed after your departure. You cut yourself off from your only source of life and nourishment. Like an amputated hand, you will slowly bleed out, wither, and die.

I Wore White: My white dress did not represent a life of purity. But I wore white on my wedding day and I’d wear it again. I am a new creation.


photo credit: Bravo_Zulu_ via photopin cc