Weekly Once-Over (St. Patrick's Day Special)


Remember Saint Patrick: According to tradition, Patrick died March 17. Many think the year was 461, but we don’t know for certain. While today’s trite celebrations may leave much to be forgotten, for those who love Jesus and the advance of his gospel, Patrick has left us some remarkable things to remember. And to learn from.

What Evangelicals Can Learn From St. Patrick: To our shame, most evangelical Protestants tend to think of Saint Patrick as a leprechaun. As we watch the annual drunken parades and pop-culture consumerism of the March holiday, no one could seem more removed from biblical Christianity than Patrick. And yet, Patrick’s life was closer to a revival meeting than to a shamrock-decorated drinking party named in his honor.

7 Things You Might Not Know About St. Patrick: I am a servant of Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Jesus Christ our Lord. ~ St. Patrick

St. Patrick: Reclaiming The Great Missionary: Today most people know St. Patrick for green beer, banishing snakes from Ireland, using shamrocks to teach the Trinity, or his walking stick growing into a living tree. Indeed, none of these legends has anything to do with the real Patrick. However, the factual accounts of Patrick, missionary to Ireland, are even more compelling than the folklore. Telling the true story of Patrick provides an inspiring lesson in God's grace and mercy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Instead, I pray you'll see this day as a reminder of the value of bringing Christ to the lost through prayer, suffering, sacrifice, and loving your enemies.  And above all, I pray it's a reminder of the value and glory of God Himself who loved a small country of barbarians enough to make sure even they would come to know Him. 

Christian's Who Changed The World (Arthur Guinness): People today tend to have a negative view of big business. Corporations are seen as only being concerned with maximizing profits, generally at the expense of workers. The idea that a company could benefit not just itself but its workers and even the society as a whole (aside from the benefit that comes from its products) is foreign to our thinking. And for many, the idea that a brewing company could be a major force for good in the world is even more unthinkable. That is only because we do not know the story of the Guinness family.

St. Patrick: A Model For Missional Living: Bob Thune from the Acts 29 Church Planting Network did a sermon on St. Patrick. Give it a listen.

photo credit: Kristofer Williams via photopin cc