The Overview Bible Project


We love the local church, and within the family you will see many people from all walks of life, gathered together by Jesus Christ. In this family of people you will see people with amazing gifts, and some of the people know how to use those gifts they have to serve the church body. Below is a great example of a couple from Redeemer Church (Jeffrey & Laura Kranz). They have put together some great resources for people to get to know God's Word better, so take some time and look through these wonderful info graphics. 



Infographic: How Long Is The Bible? 

And I’ve been itching to make an infographic for some time, so I put all these answers (and more) here!

If you like the Bible and you’re a numbers geek, you’ll want to read and share this infographic.


Infographic: All The "One Another" Commands In The NT

I’ve heard a couple people reference the “one another” passages in the Bible. You’ve heard a few of them:

  • Bear one another’s burdens.
  • Encourage one another.
  • Everybody get together; try to love one another right now. (Wait . . . that might be something else.)

But I figured it’d be good for us to have all those “one another” commands in one place, ergo, this infographic!

(I have the whole list in text form below, too.)


Infographic: David's Mighty Men (And The Stories Behind Them)

You’ve probably heard about David’s mighty men (if not, you’ll be ahead of the curve in a minute). David was a skilled soldier and leader, but he wasn’t alone. He had a band of very loyal, very powerful heroes who stood by him.

They accomplished incredible things in combat. Stuff modern soldiers couldn’t do. Stuff fictitious soldiers couldn’t do.

Seriously: ever hear of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings? He killed 42 orcs in one battle, and I think everyone agrees that he’s pretty hardcore.Well, you’re about to meet someone who took out 800 bad guys at once.

Here we go . . .


Infographic: Every Dream In The Bible (And What They Mean)

Sometimes in the Bible, God communicates to people in dreams. Some of them are symbolic (like the dreams inDaniel), and some involve explicit instructions from God.

Dreams fascinate me, and I figure they’re interesting to you, too. Since God has revealed some of His word through dreams, I thought it might be cool to find all the dreams in the Bible.

So, I Bible-geeked out and made this for you.


photo credit: green_is_in via photopin cc