Weekly Once-Over (2.20.2014)


What Not To Say To Someone Who Is Suffering: Tchividjian sat down with Paul Tripp and Dave Furman to discuss things you shouldn't to say to a person in pain—many of which they've learned the hard way.

Making Disciples Of Women In A Post-Christian World: But true discipleship must happen in the spaces where we have no room to eject when our dearest idols are threatened. It may feel horrible in the moment, but for us to be changed by the Spirit , we are going to have to open ourselves up to the discomfort of true vulnerability.

Six Factors That Do Not Affect Inerrancy: Remember, just because it is in the Bible does not make it right. Inerrancy does not mean everything in the Bible is true, it just means that everything is accurate and everything being taught is true.

Biblical Womanhood For Pariahs: I am thinking today that Biblical womanhood is best understood when we understand it in our worst case scenarios. When we boil it down to what God most wants any of us to reflect about Himself regardless of the adjective in front of “woman” and then expand that back out to the specific circumstances in which we find ourselves, we are much better equipped to endure the waves of life that come at us at each stage as a woman after God's own heart.

How To Cultivate Encouragement In Your Church: So how can church leaders today cultivate encouragement among believers? I think the answer lies in valuing and modeling what's commendable by discussing it, teaching it, commending it when it appears, and rewarding it with consistency.

3 Things To Remember In Discussion With Doubters: My hope is that our churches will be places where we can have good, honest conversations about the questions that matter. Let’s learn how to talk about our faith in ways that strengthen those who are struggling.

Discipline In A Pornified Society: It isn’t the desire for excitement that is the problem. It’s the lack of delight-inspiring discipline that dries up the souls of such pleasure-addicted men. Discipline isn’t opposed to pleasure. Disciplined men have refined tastes. Disciplined men pursue a more permanent joy. They get to savor their marriages decade after decade. They guide their own sons into manhood and give their daughters’ hand over to real men. Their legacy can’t be contained in perishable experiences. They learn to gain freedom over themselves and they experience freedom, which is what every man really wants.

photo credit: MarioMancuso via photopin cc