Weekly Once-Over (09.05.2013)

Goal for Weekly Once-Over

Weekly Once-Over is our weekly recap of some great blog posts that we've seen this past week that have been helpful. Our hope is that they would benefit you in someway. Each Thursday of every week you will see a post that has links to different blog posts. Enjoy!

Weekly Once-Over (09.05.13):

Prove Your Gender: "My husband and I have a young son. And this son is not like his brothers. This son is emotional, empathetic. He likes a song and a story and a snuggle. He doesn't much care about winning and sometimes wanders away from the backyard ball game by the second inning. He's neither adventurous nor loud. He is still, however, a boy..."

Accidental Pharisees: "We who consider ourselves “gospel-centered” or “Young, Restless, Reformed” (or whatever monickers we prefer) tend to focus on reading books that come from within our little movement and that share its perspective. I suppose this is true of any group of like-minded people, because it’s safer and less complicated this way. Accidental Pharisees speaks to us, it speaks to me, but it does so from the outside..."

There Really is a Man Upstairs: "You see, the shocking truth is that there really is a man upstairs! A real man. Jesus, the God-man, has taken human flesh into the throne room of heaven. He is the ascended man. He is the man who has gone where human flesh has never gone before. He is Jesus the Jew, the wounded Suffering Servant, the Glorified King, and he’s seated at the right hand of God. Right now. And when we get to heaven, it will be a nail-scarred human hand that will reach out to greet us—a man’s hand..."

From Strangers To Missionaries: A Strategy for Mission: Jesus commissioned His disciples to go into the world and make disciples. I believe, first and foremost, Jesus is speaking of cross-cultural engagement of unreached people groups. The thrust has an expansive, horizontal dimension no doubt. But, I also believe that the making of disciples has a depth dimension as well. Even in “reached” areas of our cities, there are many unreached and unengaged people. Let’s be honest: What percentage of our city is unengaged with the gospel? What percentage of people have any proximity to the kingdom of Christ?

5 Simple Ways To Move Neighbors From Strangers To Missionaries: This post is dedicated to think through practical application and fleshing it out in practice of moving neighbors from strangers to missionaries.