Weekly Once-Over (12.5.2013)


Weekly Once-Over (12.5.2013)

5 Reasons To Open Your BlindsThere is a small, seemingly insignificant way we as the family of God can start to be missional in our own communities. It starts with opening our blinds.

5 Tips for Business Men On MissionI’ve owned three businesses in the last few years. I’ve also held a high level executive positions that have had me on the road on a very regular basis. I know from experience that it can be harder to live on mission in everyday life when you are in a different city or country every week on business. Or when you have to run to Costco in the middle of your missional community gathering to grab milk for your coffee shop because they ran out. I’d like to share a few things with you that were helpful to me when I was on the road and/or very busy at work. Remember, these only apply if you are not working too much or neglecting your relationship with Jesus and your family.

5 Things to Teach Your Children This Christmas: Take advantage of this time of year to teach your children about the Christ-child. Spend time in the word, showing them the promised Messiah and how that promise was fulfilled in the baby born in Bethlehem. Help them see that Jesus is the greatest gift they could ever receive and the greatest gift they could share with others.

The Beauty of MotherhoodMatt Bieler, creator of a killer RG3 Adidas commercial (“What Light Can Do”), just released a short (2:38) film on stay-at-home motherhood. It’s not didactic. It’s aesthetic and expressive. It’s breathtaking. The video fits this season perfectly. In celebrating the Incarnation, we also give thanks to God for Mary, the mother of Christ. Short films like this remind us of beautiful, how godlike, motherhood is. Thank you, Lord, for devoted moms, who sacrifice themselves day in and day out for their children. They are not highly valued by modern society; they are highly, highly valued in your kingdom. 

The Ivey Adoption StoryAaron and Jamie Ivey are united with their adopted son, Amos, after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. Follow their journey as they get the news that their son can finally come home.