Weekly Once-Over (Christmas Edition)


Weekly Once-Over:

What Christmas Is Really All About: Sometimes we miss the true meaning of Christmas. But this is a good reminder of what Christmas is really all about

5 Things We Can Learn From Our Children At Christmas: There’s a reason Jesus tells us to come to him like children. Trust is at the heart of how children experience Christmas. Here are five ways we can learn this from our children.

Practical Tips From A Dad For Affording Christmas GenerosityIn his last post, Pastor Dave Bruskas explained why Christmas is a prime time for Christian dads to model generosity toward their family, their church, and the world. In this post, he provides some practical financial tips to help dads afford Christmas generosity.

One Way To Manage Christmas Morning: Christmas morning is a crucial spiritual formation opportunity to be capitalized on with my family. I want to be flexible and have fun, but this year I also want to manage Christmas morning with more intentionality. Here’s what I’ll be doing.

Three Gifts To Give Your Kids This Christmas: Whether or not your children get their “must-haves,” there are a few gifts that won’t show up on their lists that are perhaps the most important.

The Violence Of Christmas: And remember, most of all, that the violence and humiliation of Christmas happened because God loved us enough to suffer all of it on our behalf and by our side. In Christ, we never have to be alone in our sorrows, pain, and humiliation again. The one who made the world entered it as a child and experienced all of its hardships and injustices so that by God's grace, he could be our comforter in the years to come.

List Of A Few Great Christmas Albums To Listen To:

  1. Page CXVI Advent To Christmas Album
  2. Citizens Repeat The Sounding Joy Album
  3. Kings Kaleidoscope Joy Has Dawned


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