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Why should Christians be baptized?

Jesus commanded that all Christians be baptized (Mat 28:19).


Who should be baptized?


Every baptism in the New Testament is preceded by repentance of sin and faith in Jesus (Acts 22:16). In other words, only Christians who have repented of sin and have trusted in Jesus should be baptized. Therefore, all non-Christians and children too young to demonstrate repentance and articulate faith should be excluded. 

May I be baptized if I have previously been baptized?

Once you are baptized as a follower of Christ there is no need to be baptized again (Acts 19:1-5). Additionally, though highly encouraged, Redeemer Church does not require those who were baptized as infants to be baptized as believing adults but leaves this decision to the conscience of each Christian.

How do I begin the process toward baptism?

If you would like to be baptized please email us at with any questions you might have.