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Advent Series


Here are just some of the gifts Jesus gives us on this the celebration of His birthday:

  • You are told news to believe not advice to follow. Jesus is a complete Savior 

  • You are invited to be His no matter who you are. God is that welcoming 

  • You can’t out-sin God’s grace. God is that gracious

  • You don’t need to prove something to be someone. God sent His Son to say you are already someone. God is that loving

  • Your past doesn’t determine your future usefulness. You aren’t stuck. God is good at redeeming.

  • You aren’t perfect. You don’t have to be. Jesus is the only Hero we need. 

  • You can trust that God is faithful to keep His promises at the best time. God’s promises always come true.

  • Your commitment to God doesn’t determine His commitment to you. God never let’s go.